Triangle Sleeper 14ct Gold Filled Earrings

By Two Plums Design


Just like a paper clip only a triangle! These comfortable earrings open by twisting to the side with no catches or hinges, simply tension in the metal. Once threaded through they are light as a feather, fine and yet sizeable in your ear, and they don't poke you in the head when you are on the phone or sleeping. 

Designed to wear daily without removal, these paper-clip crossed sleepers are comfortable, classy and practical. 

Earrings measure 3cm approx. 


Michelle Stemm works as an artisanal jeweller from a small studio in Brisbane, Australia. Stemm is an advocate for responsible sourcing of materials and the ethical production of metals and gemstones in her profession.

Stemm’s design practice is lead by a desire for versatile, innovative and functional jewellery that reveres the story of origin. In this way she explores connections both in the technical functionality of a piece, and metaphorically, between maker and wearer.

For Stemm, connections create opportunity and dynamism, bringing form, function and provenance together in endlessly interesting ways. 

Two Plums Design