Life & Times of Albert Namatjira

By Ken McGregor


This authoritative and comprehensively illustrated monograph follows Namatjira from his early life at Hermannsburg and his ostracism for marrying a woman of the wrong skin group, to his association with Rex Battarbee and the development of a distinctive painting style which led to his first solo exhibition in Melbourne in 1938. It investigates the artist’s response to public acclaim and the consequences that ensued from commercial success, his struggles against bureaucracy and exploitation, and the sadness and alienation of his final days at Morris Soak. 

Illustrated chronologically with over 450 works from across Namatjira’s career (many of the key works are illustrated full-page) in three discrete sections: Catalogue of Works of the 1930sCatalogue of Works of the 1940s; Catalogue of Works of the 1950s. These stunning colour plates are followed by two short chapters, Solo Exhibitions and Selected Group Exhibitions. There is also a bibliography and an index.

Produced in close consultation with the Namatjira family and Namatjira Legacy Trust.

448 pages
hardcover, colour illustrations