Robert Sediel Frachter

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144 pages hardcover

Robert Seidel (b. Grimma, 1983; lives and works in Leipzig) turns the city into a miniature of itself. Rows upon rows of tiny houses stretch across the canvas; now and then a building gets out of line, folds down to two dimensions, and then sits there like a pictogram. The artist gleans fragments of pop culture and local history and arranges them in a new order. The human figure receives the same treatment; reduced to simple cubic forms, Seidel's portraits nonetheless have a prototypical quality.

While his construction of houses, human characters, and landscapes would seem flawless, the surfaces of his paintings are marked by technical imprerfection: the paint looks aged and sometimes seems to be coming off in flakes. Seidel's pictures thus combine precision with a weatherbeaten complexion and presence with a powerful awareness of the passage of time to which all imagemaking ultimately succumbs.