Jawun Canvas Tote Bag - Daniel Beeron

By Girrungun Art Center


Girrungun Art Center was established in 2008, the Girringun Art Centre is home to multi-award winning artists and craftsmen. Located in Cardwell, Queensland, Girringun represents artists from nine Traditional Owner Groups: the Nywaigi, Gugu Badhan, Warrgamay, Warungnu, Bandjin, Girramay, Gulngay, Jirrbal and Djiru people. Emerging from the rainforest canopy and a culture spanning countless generations.

A bold and beautiful Girringun tote bag is not only eye-catching, but made to last. Features a well stitched leather strap and screen printed design.
Jawun Canvas Tote by Daniel Galaman Beeron

Hand screen printed in water based inks onto natural Loomstate 100% cotton Canvas. Genuine cowhide leather handles sourced from Australia.Artwork by Girramay Traditional Owner Daniel Beeron, features on the Tote. It consists of the the traditional object “Jawun” and the material used to create the object “Bugul” or Lawyer cane vine.

The rainforest is a source of materials used in their exquisite lawyer cane baskets. Girramay, Jirrbal and Gulgnay weavers of Far North Queensland are well known for their lawyer cane bicornual baskets called Jawun. These lawyer cane baskets are still being made using traditional methods. they were an important p[art of everyday lives and were used to collect and carry bush food, babies, message sticks and many other objects.

Bugul is the local name for lawyer cane which is also known as wait-a-while. it climbs through the rainforest under-story in lengths of up to 100 meters and is covered in prickles and spikes which make it difficult to collect. Before it can be woven, the lawyer cane must be heat treated, split and shaved, a very labour intensive process.


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