Original Coconut Bowl

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Kickstart your clean eating and clean living with these eco friendly Coconut Bowls. 

The Original Coconut Bowl is the perfect size for your smoothies, breakfast bowls and desserts. With their smooth polished finish, they will make your meals as pretty as a picture. 

What's more, Coconut Bowls can be recycled and repurposed in many different ways should they break or you no longer wish to eat from them. Some of our favourite ways to recycle and repurpose Coconut Bowls is to turn them into planters for indoor plants and succulents, or even to grow herbs and microgreens. We also repurpose them as candle holders, jewelry holders, coin jars, dog food bowls, paint bowls - the only limit is your imagination.

Handcrafted by artisans, from coconut shells discarded as waste - every purchase supports sustainability and helps the environment. 

All Coconut Bowls will vary slightly in volume. On average these bowls will hold 500 - 600ml.