Red Darning Mushroom - Large

By Woodrock Turning


These darning mushroom would have been an essential tool in an era when women were constantly repairing worn socks.
Darning mushrooms provide a stable surface for repairing and darning socks, knitwear and clothing, giving new new life to well-loved items.

You can use the end of the stems for darning small areas such as gloves and the edges of socks.  It is a great addition to any sewing box, or leave it on the table as an adorable home decoration.

Repair instead of throw away! 


Hand crafted ornamental wooden mushrooms & complementary wood turning. We are a husband and wife team based in Brisbane. Mother's day 2012 is when Woodrock Turning spore a kingdom of fungus. Since then we have involved lots of local markets, events and exhibitions. All hand turned, painted and finished with love. Using reclaimed timbers and natural woods.

Woodrock Turning