Kookaburra Dangles Gold Earrings

By Denz and Co


Be as merry as a Kookaburra in these dangle earrings that are super lightweight and super awesome. 

These dangle earrings are made from gold plated recycled plated stainless steel with plated surgical steel hooks.

Size: 7 x 4cm 

Here at Denz we are a husband and wife team who create enamel jewelry and wire wall hangings.

Kate Bordessa is a Noosa based designer and thanks to her work with Studio Cockatoo over the last 4 years her name has become synonymous with bold colour and design.

Kate’s style has evolved through her art and design background, over the years developing a number of creative businesses. Honing her skills she is able to adapt between different mediums that give her the ideal platform to express her creativity at the time. After spending the last few years in the digital world it was time to pick up the tools again. Denz + co named by her 9yr old son Denzil who is lovingly called Denz. 

Luke Bordessa the more level headed member of the Denz team, is chief of distribution, sales, accounts, stock control and all things sensible. 

All pieces are handcrafted in a studio in the Noosa Hinterland, the copper is cut by hand, so every piece is different. The multiple layers of enamel glass are fused to the copper in a kiln, giving them depth and warmth. Although they are inspired by current design trends, her work is timeless, her goal being to create pieces that withstand the tests of time, rising up against the current throwaway culture in our fashion industry.

Denz and Co