Radiant: Farm Animals Up Close and Personal

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128 pages hardcover

This beautiful book contains portraits of farm animals that bring to life their sparkling personalities and stories. Included are:

Photographs of animals - From cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens to Dolly the woolly llama, Bianca the Sicilian miniature donkey, Percy the Indian peafowl, and Justice the yak. Some of the animals are pets; others live happily on farms and sanctuaries.

Heartwarming stories - Traer Scott shares her anecdotes about a Texas longhorn steer whose best friends are a trio of goats, a turkey who likes to snack on grapes and watermelon, and many others.

Informative facts - Did you know donkeys' stubbornness is a well-honed survival tactic? That Scottish Highland cattle are the oldest registered breed of cattle in the world? Scott's captions combine detailed histories of the breeds with the personal sagas to create enchanting tributes to our four-legged (and winged) friends from the farm.