Tom Friedman

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160 pages paperback

The work of Tom Friedman is modest in scale, imaginative and ecological, painstakingly crafted and 'unheroic'. Friedman suggests a new direction in art: post video, post political/identity issues, post digital media, post ready-mades.

Friedman works in a windowless studio (more like a playground-kitchen-laboratory) in rural Massachusetts, relentlessly inventing these startling ephemeral objects 'out of the stuff in my house': bits of Styrofoam, packing material, bottle tops, pencil shavings, plastic straws, dental floss, spaghetti, toothpicks, bubble gum. Some of his works are too delicate to move, existing solely in photographs and, above all, in the imagination. This is art that, to quote New York Times critic Roberta Smith, 'raises wonderful questions about the making and seeing of art': about paying attention, about how we spend our time, and about the pleasures of small transformations producing sudden beauty.