Tom Sachs : Islandia

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64 pages paperback

'Islandia: Further Explorations of Man's Contempt for Nature' features Tom Sachs's recent body of work, accompanied by a scientific article on termites. Sachs is not part of a current movement in contemporary art; rather he has developed his own artistic language. He is particularly interested in the function, the form and the essence of everyday common objects. In the manner of a bricoleur, he expresses a very personal connection to these "things"--dissects, reconstructs and appropriates them by handcrafting meticulous personal replicas thereof. Consumerism, corporate identity, cultural imperialism, technological progress, identity (and the loss of it), the relationship of survival and destruction are all at the heart of Tom Sachs' sculpture and drawings. The work collected here exposes the genetics and behavior of technology, using refrigeration, chemicals, insects, corporations and a trash can, among other leftovers, as a way to mirror and diagram the push/pull of physics.