Arched Frame Black Triple Wall Vase

By Illy's Wall


You'll love looking at this handbuilt porcelain ceramic sculpture by master ceramicist Illy's Wall.

It can be used to hold dried flowers, or can be hung on the wall on it's own.

A stunning example of her unique, whimsical style, it will be a standout piece in your home.

Mid fired, underglazed.

Size: 15.5 x 18.5 x 1.5cm

I studied Fine Art as a young person and completed the Bachelor of Industrial Design in South Korea. During this time, I practised drawing, painting and 3D modelling skills. I started to learn pottery in 2016 in Australia.

These three skills are different but combine to create my work, illy’s wall. Because of my background I believe I may see things in different ways when I work with clay. This could be my strength and my weakness as a potter.

I am to create affordable artwork for everyone. I hope my creations live with your everyday lives and bring you smile.

Illy's Wall