Art Puzzle Book

By Susie Hodge, Gareth Moore


The Art Puzzle Book is a fun introduction to art with puzzles, riddles and trivia relating to 36 iconic works of art.

Think you know your Bosch from your Botticelli? Your Mondrian from your Magritte?

Think again…

The Art Puzzle Book turns art history on its head and tests your brain power using some of the world's most-loved paintings. Solve riddles based on the peculiar scenes of The Garden of Earthly Delights, find hidden flowers in Botticelli's Primavera and reassemble the Mondrian.

Esteemed art historian Susie Hodge and leading brain-trainer Dr Gareth Moore take you on a journey through art history - from the tombs of Ancient Egypt, to Monets Impressionist gardens, to Escher's impossible staircases - introducing you to iconic pieces of art and providing unique and varied challenges along the way. Each puzzle will test your brain power and force you to look at art in a new way.
The Art Puzzle Book makes the perfect gift for art lovers of all ages.

192 pages
Paperback Colour Illustrations