Cao Fei: I Watch That Worlds Pass By


This publication brings together three key projects from the artist’s varied film oeuvre. With the highly complex virtual RMB City project (2007-2011) and its documentation, this book presents her recent films Haze and Fog (2013), and La Town (2014). Cao Fei’s artist book, which is lyrically entitled I watch that worlds pass by demonstrates commonalities in the three projects’ subject matter, and creates interfaces between them, with the aim of elucidating the artist’s most fundamental thinking and working methodologies. Numerous stills from the various different films, photographs of the sets, sketches, storyboards, and illustrations for reference have been assembled, and have been given a new arrangement by the artist for this publication. The publication was created in close collaboration with “The Pavilion”.

256 pages
Paperback Colour Illustrations