Green Wall Plant Hanger

By Tangled Twine by Wren


This stunning wall plant hanger is made with cotton cord and copper tubing.
The gorgeous macrame design will add warmth and brightness to any space in your home.

Suited to hanging against a wall, these plant hangers will comfortably hold a 10cm plant pot.

Measures approx. 55-60cm from copper tube to bottom of pot.
Total length approx. 1 metre.

These are entirely handmade and slight changes in length may occur.


Hello my name is Adrienne and I am the face behind Tangled Twine by Wren.

With a love of fiber, colour and texture I enjoy creating items that take inspiration from natural and industrial materials. Individually sourced natural materials, repurposed industrial products and locally sourced fiber are the elements used in my creative process. Blending these elements together enables me to create unique pieces that are both artistic and functional in design. All products handmade in Brisbane.


Tangled Twine By Wren