How To Go Waste Free

By Caroline Jones


How to Go Waste Free is the easy guide to chucking waste out of your life. 100 tips provide insight, practical advice and a painless approach to joining the zero-waste revolution.

Every year, humankind dumps over 2 billion tons of waste. This either goes into landfill, is incinerated, or goes into our oceans – doing untold damage to the environment, wildlife and to our own bodies. What can we do, as individuals, to stem this tide of trash?

The zero-waste movement was born of the goal of producing absolutely no waste that cannot be reused or composted, with even recyclable products being shunned if possible. How to adapt to living zero-waste involves some drastic changes in habit, but once you go waste-free, your lifestyle will not only be more ethical and affordable – you'll get rid of unnecessary stress and lead a simpler, healthier life.

128 pages