Kate Cream & Silver Earrings

By Tangled Twine by Wren

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These gorgeous macrame earrings are made with cotton fibre and frames. They're a stunning statement piece when you want to look your best, but are also super light and comfortable to wear.

Earring care: please hang when not wearing and an occasional gentle comb will keep us looking fabulous! Ethically sourced and handmade brass, copper (plated on brass), silver plated earrings. The brass and copper are nickel free. The silver has nickel underneath the silver plating.


Hello my name is Adrienne and I am the face behind Tangled Twine by Wren.

With a love of fiber, colour and texture I enjoy creating items that take inspiration from natural and industrial materials. Individually sourced natural materials, repurposed industrial products and locally sourced fiber are the elements used in my creative process. Blending these elements together enables me to create unique pieces that are both artistic and functional in design. All products handmade in Brisbane.


Tangled Twine By Wren