Michalis Pichler: Thirteen Years: The Materialization of Ideas from 2002 to 2015

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A cross-reference book of information on aesthetic boundaries, consisting of a bibliography into which inserted text, critical essays, art works, and documents, are arranged chronologically and focused on a selection of so-called greatest hits and conceptual poetics. It contains mentions of such vaguely designated areas as appropriation, postnaive, unboring boring, détournement, object perdu, and erasure poetry ― or writing through ― as they currently occur (with occasional political overtones) in the work of Michalis Pichler. This book is the first monograph focused on the practice of artist/author Michalis Pichler. Featuring eleven critical essays, an extensively illustrated catalogue, a conversation with John Stezaker, and selected writings by the artist, the book delivers a solid introduction into conceptual poetics.