Offline Matters: The Less-Digital Guide to Creative Work

By Jess Henderson


Offline Matters is a handbook for anybody experiencing digital overload in their lives and creative work.

When did creative work become so boring?
How did ‘digital-first’ come to dominate everything?
…and why is nobody talking about it?

Part insider exposé, part worker-manual, this book is for any creative seeking help on navigating the possibility of offline alternatives, countering overwork culture, exploitation, and dulled-down ideas, recovering what you loved about your creative calling…away from the confines of our screens. We are dreaming of offline. Not as a romanticised past, a punishment, a quick detox, or a WiFi-free café. Offline is not a lifestyle. It’s a space of opportunity.

By the end of Offline Matters, you’ll have a new perspective on the dry digitality that defines creative work today – and a set of strategies for going beyond it.

160 pages