Painting School: Learn to Paint More Than 250 Things!

By Tanya Emelyanova


Learn to paint more than 250 things, from dogs to donuts, trees to T. rexes, and cars to kittens. With a few simple steps, you can paint anything!

Discover how easy it is to paint anything-animals, people, nature, objects, and more-with simple steps and easy lessons! Painting School provides the first steps to a lifelong love of art. Your child will learn how to paint anything they see in the world around them by following a few simple prompts. This comprehensive guide reveals how easy it is to paint, with simple step-by-step projects, colorful art, and clear instructions. Painting School begins with the basics, such as the tools and materials needed to get started, and some simple rules on how to approach painting any subject. Then class begins-a variety of everyday subjects are covered, from animals and people to nature and simple everyday objects.

A variety of painting techniques are presented in a fun and easy-to-follow way, including: finger painting; watercolor; acrylic painting; stamping and printing; collage and mixed media; rock painting and more

Featuring more than 250 subjects, Painting School teaches you how to paint each one with clear, easy-to-follow steps. So grab a brush and let's paint - school is in session!

For Ages 6-8

240 pages
Paperback Colour Illustrations