Qiu Zhijie: Geography of Knowledge - Maps 2010-2019

By Birgit Hopfener, Shen Qilan, Hans Ulrich Obrist

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The thirty year artistic career of one of China’s most respected artists, Qiu Zhijie, co-published by Skira and Galleria Continua.

This volume brings together all the significant works of maps of one of China’s most respected and celebrated artists, created over more than a decade. Qiu Zhijie is known for his calligraphy and ink painting, photography, video, installation and performance works. His art is representational of a new kind of experimental communication between the Chinese literati tradition and contemporary art, social participation and the power of self-liberation of art.

In Qiu’s maps, he utilizes traditional ink painting techniques to crate maps interpreting relationships among various topics. They are based on his own research, writing, imagination, and logical thinking. Qiu weaves different ideas and objects together and outlines the relational web on landscapes including mountains, lakes, islands, railways, etc., offering a possible gateway for the audiences to enter his cartographic world.

The publication accompanies the exhibition at Galleria Continua in Beijing starting from March 2020.

224 pages
hardcover, colour illustrations