Tjungunutja: From Having Come Together


Featuring full-colour images of exhibited paintings and objects, rare unpublished photographs and a series of scholarly essays, this publication is the ultimate compendium to the exhibition 'Tjungunutja: From Having Come Together'. 

"A timely and nuanced reassessment of the Papunya story and one in which Indigenous voices, for the first time, play a prominent role and revise earlier mythmaking by zealous participants and by latter-day anthropologists. The pioneering efforts of Geoffrey Bardon are now placed within the broader context of the earlier Yuendumu Men’s Museum mural and the role of other Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants in these developments. This pioneering publication, based new archival material, and the accompanying exhibition fundamentally rewrite the history of a critical episode in 20th century Australian art."

- Emeritus Professor Sasha Grishin AM, FAHA, Australian National University

282 pages
Hardcover Colour Illustrations