Make Art with Nature

Artist Pippa Pixley inspires children and shows them how to make amazing art with materials found in nature in this hands-on book

Get creative and make incredible pieces of art using rocks, wood, berries, flowers, and leaves.

Learn how to pour paint onto a canvas, how to put pencil to paper and draw, how bits of old paper can make a beautiful collage, and how different mediums can come together to create incredible prints. Become inspired as Pippa takes you into the outdoors and shows you a wide range of artistic techniques, from understanding basic colour theory, to creating texture, movement, and fluidity in your own work.

Find out how the very earth beneath your feet can be used to make paints and pastels, and how flowers can be repurposed to create inks. Learn how to master different art forms, but also how to make your own art supplies.

Art can be used to express our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. It can be a relaxation tool, a way to keep busy, a future career path, or just a hobby. Your curiosity and exploration will be unlocked, as this book has something for absolutely everyone!

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