Silver Leaves


Owl and Night Parrot are nocturnal. They have a lovely big tree well away from all the noisy birds … until one day they are woken up by the birds fighting over space in their tree. Owl is very angry, until they discover the poor birds’ trees have been cut down. After a meeting, Night Parrot suggests they look for a seed to grow a tree big enough for everyone. Crow comes back with the biggest gumnut and they plant it, water it and sit around it waiting for it to grow. Meanwhile Night Parrot meets lonely Goanna who is guarding the last red berry bush. When Night Parrot tells Goanna their story, Goanna cries silver tears. It is these silver tears that Goanna leaves for Night Parrot to take back to water the gumnut. Magically, the gumnut grows overnight into a magnificent tree with room for everyone – and the leaves on top of the tree are silver – like a beacon for all other birds who need refuge.

A beautiful story about conservation, working together and hope.


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