To the Ends of the Earth: A Grand Tour for the 21st Century

By Birkhauser Verlag
This book takes the reader through a carefully curated selection of 120 places that can be understood as metaphors of contemporary global culture. Spread across all seven continents, from the depths of the ocean to outer space, these places are divided into six chapters: Paradises, Utopias, Machines, Monsters, Ruins, and Instruments. The author Richard Weller is an Australian architecture academic at the University of Western Australia and the University of Pennsylvania, and exhibited at Melbourne School of Design in 2023.The spectrum ranges from Steve Jobs' Apple Park in California to a national park in Costa Rica, a small field station for the protection of wild orangutans in Borneo, the Great Green Wall in Central Africa, the Trump resort Mar-a-Lago, to the border wallbetween Israel and Palestine. This book is a grand tour of the most pertinent places in the world today.

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